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  1. Hi Ms. Maria,

    I’m Alex. I noticed from your post on Bali that you have taken very beautiful shots of the area from this post:

    I would like to request your permission to use the 5th picture which is a paddy field and the 9th picture which is a temple from that post for a travel blog in China to promote Bali to the people of China as the blog would be written in Chinese.

    I hope to hear from you regarding this matter. Kindly reply to my email if possible.

    Thanks and have a good day.


    • Dear Alex,
      Really sorry for the late reply(I stopped blogging for half-a-year), but better 3 months later than never. The pictures of the hotel were taken from the official website of the hotel and the temple photograph belongs to the Michael Gove (2008) – I left his signature on the photo) I believe if You don’t remove the credits – it is absolutely fine to use the pictures of photographers, especially for such a good reason as promoting Bali or other gorgeous places on our planet)

      Best regards,

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