Hello world!

Dear Reader,

In my very first post I probably should introduce myself and tell You something more about the blog I will be establishing. Well, first things first:

My name is Maria Pavlova and I am 21 years old. I am a final year economics student at Royal Holloway, University of London. My degree helped me to develop a lot of valuable characteristics, but economics involves predominantly analytical skills and mathematical approach, which in turn is not allowing me to express my passion for arts, music, fashion or culinary delights. Therefore, after years of admiring different bloggers, style icons and just “simple mortals” with great creativity and inspirational projects, I came to the conclusion that it is “now or never” and I must finally do something I truly enjoy.

SURF the MUSE is a blog dedicated to many amazing aspects of our 21st Century life. There will be lots of discoveries and entries associated with fashion, gastronomy creations or travel adventures, as I genuinely believe these belong to the most exciting, beautiful and flawless things humankind is creating and experiencing. I personally enjoy exploring people and their very individual style and thus, as You may have guessed, this blog will feature quite different looks, varying from particular people to the latest fashion news and discoveries. In my subjective opinion, I believe that fashion and style are such huge concepts that they simply cannot be framed within one ideal or a certain person. This applies to many other spheres, such as Travel notes, Lifestyle guide, Art of Taste suggestions or Music preferences.

The name of the blog was inspired by two things I believe I must have in my life. First is that one of my biggest dreams since childhood was to surf. It always have appeared to me that there is something irresistibly fascinating about being on the surfboard and conquer the ocean’s waves. Moreover, I am also a great admirer of the surf culture and I hope I will be a member of that family one day. The second one, my goddess of inspiration – the Muse – “she had found me and I could not let her go”. I felt that phrase “Surf the muse” perfectly represents my ideas and intentions regarding this blog. So it is exactly what I am going to do here…

I hope that SURF the MUSE will give You something unique and personal. Therefore, I wish that You will enjoy the reading as much as I enjoy the “discovering”!

With love,
Maria ❤


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